NY Gov. Cuomo holds COVID briefing
Zooman X
Zooman X Minutë më parë
Hire Bernhard Goetz
melissa Patterson
melissa Patterson Minutë më parë
Look at this dude 🤣
Michael Western
Michael Western 8 minuta më parë
God saved her but God should punish the evils, too. Virus pandemic or not, mental sick or not, those have to be punished properly and locked up permanently!
Beauty And Brains
Beauty And Brains 14 minuta më parë
Why did he do that? She didn't hit him so he shouldn't be hitting her.
theGRANDheist 21 minutë më parë
nypd becoming private contractors? so what policies do they follow at that point protecting the people or the business?
Reggie Rodriguez
Reggie Rodriguez 23 minuta më parë
I ride the subway WITH MY FRIEND 🔫
theGRANDheist 24 minuta më parë
they should probably stop locking us in a train in mid tunnel with no explanations and there will be less anger
TheHouse OfPain
TheHouse OfPain 27 minuta më parë
This the day that the power of america was lost in translation.
Panos K
Panos K 31 minutë më parë
Rest in Peace Taso. You made proud your beloved family and both countries you served in life, Greece and USA.
Mytien QN
Mytien QN 33 minuta më parë
You keep voting democrats you voted for death yourself. Wake up people
Gentle man
Gentle man 43 minuta më parë
Becky got caught red handed!
Peter Backes
Peter Backes 45 minuta më parë
Solution carry a weapon to defend yourself.
Valerie Nunn
Valerie Nunn 54 minuta më parë
Awesome boyfriend!🙏
Marie Hickman
Marie Hickman 54 minuta më parë
Wow cant believe abc aired this
bryan marcellin
bryan marcellin 56 minuta më parë
That's why I have a bottle in my bag a stick on my bag defend yourself whatever you have people don't be scared of these people at all attack cops will not protect your every move... Not me I'm ready to defend myself
Kevin Patrick
Kevin Patrick 57 minuta më parë
Stay unarmed. Criminals will start obeying the laws. Compliance guarantees safety. Stay unarmed.
Karl Lindsey
Karl Lindsey 58 minuta më parë
That man with the object in his hand was pissed off at people and pissed off at police for what he did showing how careless people are and police for killing him for that reason.
Renee C
Renee C Orë më parë
I hope they got all her money
ManOFSteel Orë më parë
Camera at the right place and at the right time?
Celestea Deanes
Celestea Deanes Orë më parë
overrbred working dog not intended for pet. Time for corecrrtive law
The Illusive Charizard
The Illusive Charizard Orë më parë
The only thing this lady needs to do is shut her mouth permanently... What ever happened to being neighborly??? These people seem like a very nice couple i would love to have them as neighbors!
Joshua Orë më parë
Local 100 was all behind BLM, but now Fat Tony wants more police Smdh
Joshua Orë më parë
What happened to defund the police? Now it’s “where are the police?”
LIT VIDS Orë më parë
Sounds more like a hit to me smh don't let them fool you
Biko Moore
Biko Moore Orë më parë
What a hero
L C Orë më parë
for some reason i wanna play as a criminal
Igartua JM
Igartua JM Orë më parë
So Chauvin got 44 years for using the practices cops are taught to use in the police academy in the Floyd case, but this woman, who said she didn't care about Anastasios police officer nor his family btw, gets UP TO 14 years! Well, there you go, lefties! Always deffending the criminals that you love and worship as heros!
K Orë më parë
This was a clean shooting. Case closed!
Stiener Shorty
Stiener Shorty Orë më parë
Humans will always have racial bias, each one of us. It is being used by the powers that be, media, entertainment ect. to manipulate the population into socialist / marxist revolution under the guise of racial and social justice. Dont fall for it ! It only goes downhill from here.
Valerie Donovan
Valerie Donovan Orë më parë
It seems that only black lives matter.
Debbie Parker
Debbie Parker Orë më parë
She could be eligible for parole after 23 years? P_ _ _ _ on that judge
Manny Amato
Manny Amato Orë më parë
You better start treating your police with some respect, you have been bashing them for a year now, you have defunded them, released violent criminals in the name of covid, restricted them from doing their job and are now pleading to them* for help. You have some nerve. You have a better chance of getting a purge event passed than hiring more cops.
javi mateo
javi mateo Orë më parë
"to keep people safe, not to hurt. " Yes, he is true martial artist.
Anti Masonic
Anti Masonic Orë më parë
I would have hit that lady back. Also, that White lady needs to go back to Europe.
lilac npink
lilac npink Orë më parë
I am no longer interested to visit America, so scary, so dangerous.
walter neville
walter neville Orë më parë
Level Intent
Level Intent Orë më parë
How does a conductor get slashed? How does that happen, they're in a locked area of the train! I do not understand!
Michael Western
Michael Western Orë më parë
The virus-pandemic is almost over but the Crime-pandemic is in peak. It seems like NYPD short of hands. Dear governor, major, politicians call Nat'l guard and/or army reserve to secure our city our street. Defund prison, Refund Police!!
Lorna Tiu
Lorna Tiu Orë më parë
Pretty soon they'll be remaking movies of Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood when New York and SF's violent crime waves were at all time high. Where the 2 were the judge and the executioner.
Joe skullhead Segawa
Joe skullhead Segawa Orë më parë
Well you defunded them, and many resigned so how can you possibly fix it when the entire local government and some citizens actually don't want police. I mean come on Andrew Yang is still running but, absurd thing are already being said towards him.. if he loses NYC don't have future anymore.. theres even a possbility that NYC becomes no go zone.
SurviveUnplugged Orë më parë
What I DON'T understand is that the people in these cities are voting for the politicians that establish the policies. When you've had enough, you will either recall your Mayor or wait until the next election and vote Republican (or vote for yet another Democrat DeBlasio). That's what I'd do and I'm an Independent Libertarian. Your bed, so sleep in it until you remake the bed.
Cockroach Plays
Cockroach Plays 2 orë më parë
This man is a legend! Free him
Extremely Moderate
Extremely Moderate 2 orë më parë
Why don't you ride the subways without your bodyguards before you open your filthy mouth?
DAMBAR KC 2 orë më parë
Just remember That Your .. Country Also attack on The Arabian Country ..And situation is same There
Chuck Ruckus
Chuck Ruckus 2 orë më parë
Police defunded a billion dollars so... that’s the problem
Whatever Bro
Whatever Bro 2 orë më parë
Who does this ? 🤦🏻‍♂️ so senseless
That one 3
That one 3 2 orë më parë
Somehow they will say this is unjustified.
Dead Opps
Dead Opps 2 orë më parë
That gotta be the most New York title I ever read
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 2 orë më parë
New York is garbage
blue dick figure
blue dick figure 2 orë më parë
Without a SINGLE WARNING OR ANYTHING this dude pulls out a gun and fire's.... 0:10
TOM ALEX 2 orë më parë
I bet the suspect was from the KKK lol, it will continue no matter how many cops as long as their hands are tied , if they enforce , they will be blamed for being harsh and the no bail law is not helping
mathys gobeil
mathys gobeil 2 orë më parë
lmfao theyre just cops
nicole monrue
nicole monrue 2 orë më parë
This guy is 5'5 and she couldn't handle him?
Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro 2 orë më parë
allot racist coments here from black peoples .
Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal
Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal 2 orë më parë
The black man feared for his life. And hereby should be placed on administrative leave, and be judged by his own hood... And immediately reinstated to the hood.
baseman3 2 orë më parë
MTA has their own police just hire more Mta police
ARXV Photo
ARXV Photo 2 orë më parë
Blasé DeBlasio
PBM444 3 orë më parë
What is shawty on ....
Lil Lil
Lil Lil 3 orë më parë
Fire the mayor, Completely useless!
A Griffin
A Griffin 3 orë më parë
If Whole Foods and ALDI had a baby. 😊
David Ellis
David Ellis 3 orë më parë
RC NightLife
RC NightLife 3 orë më parë
Imagine how the Asians feel.
xi li
xi li 3 orë më parë
this is news?
PlAyInG wItH tHe SaNd In PaThS iS fUn
PlAyInG wItH tHe SaNd In PaThS iS fUn 3 orë më parë
These make it hard for actual men who take care of there own child
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz 3 orë më parë
I love New York but That's the reason why I left New York City since I moved from New York City and happy if I see one or two person during the day it was too much where I leave everybody work and very quiet
jayvids4u 3 orë më parë
Its ok everyone go back to sleep the GOOberment loves you.
WADELL THOMPSON 3 orë më parë
Ebony Sanders
Ebony Sanders 3 orë më parë
wow I’m so sorry.. 🙏🏾❤️
Kevin A.
Kevin A. 3 orë më parë
This mayor needs to go!!!!!
That Place
That Place 3 orë më parë
Another episode of crazies in NYC.
Power100 3 orë më parë
When they can't spit, they slash. Hope this person makes it through.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gary Sicemore
Gary Sicemore 3 orë më parë
What you're dealing with is a mayor who is no good and a governor who is no good. What you need is another Charles Bronson vigilante that well put a end to it.
DRiiiVER STUDiOS 3 orë më parë
9/11 was an inside job
Murat 3 orë më parë
This is why I carry my 2 best friends: smith and Wesson
Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez 3 orë më parë
Plz just give us healthcare
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 3 orë më parë
Need Charles Bronson, not 80 more cops.
Sir. Fuentes
Sir. Fuentes 3 orë më parë
Where are all the Social Workers!!
Bon Robinson
Bon Robinson 3 orë më parë
NYC4ANDREWYANG!!!!!! G.O.A.T!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊
Heywoodj1969 3 orë më parë
SO where’s the picture of the jogger who slashed their own?