Dog killed in Long Island hit and run; Sketch of suspect released

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Eyewitness News ABC7NY

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A dog was killed in a hit and run on Long Island, and Suffolk County police are hoping a sketch will lead to the arrest of the woman responsible.
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Billy Bob
Billy Bob 2 ditë më parë
Who cares? Keep your mutt on a leash and this won't happen
Gino Sabatino
Gino Sabatino 3 ditë më parë
Such a cold hearted soul.
Reality Check
Reality Check 4 ditë më parë
The dog was killed by Lisa Kudrow.
Messrs Anderson & Co
Messrs Anderson & Co 5 ditë më parë
Why don't I see tears? Also, dogs are property. Drivers are NOT obliged to stop. Obviously, those with a conscience and who care about animals always stop. The driver is likely to have been under the influence to have driven a straight line so inaccurately.
John M.
John M. 5 ditë më parë
With all of the murders going on, is this a legitimate use of police resources? With the crime going on period, is this a legitimate use of resources? Why does this person get this kind of attention for an accident that was her fault for not having the dog on the leash?
nick thomas
nick thomas 5 ditë më parë
Wow!. ABC News, did actually show the Sketch of a suspect driving fast in a car involving in this case...But they refused to even mention the description of suspects who stole and shot and wounded an actual Witness who cared for the Lady Gaga's stolen pets dogs...Something isn't right here...God Bless America..
blue- T
blue- T 5 ditë më parë
Glad dog(Pit bull) in Florida got found and hopefully has a good,loving home now. As far as Romeo getting hit,how do you hit a dog on the road? Especially with no traffic? Probably a inexperienced driver (teen?)with no license,that should not be driving.
HEAVY 5 ditë më parë
Romeo, Romeo where art tho?
Mike sang
Mike sang 5 ditë më parë what they sending people prison for hitting a animal .. this world has become a circus... I killed a bird on the motorway I guess I'm a fugitive now... lol hit and run on a dog what folly
mep 5 ditë më parë
Why did it seem like the owner was forcing herself to cry.
Bethany-Faith 6 ditë më parë
Hic Mad
Hic Mad 6 ditë më parë
US has 4% felony clear up rate and they're offering a reward for this? Isn't it the owners fault for not having Romeo on a lead?
PumpkinEskobarr 6 ditë më parë
Her granddaughter?! dang
Ismayil Arifoglu
Ismayil Arifoglu 6 ditë më parë
I hit and run an unleashed guinea pig some 30 years ago. Still feel sorry about its owner who was chit-chatting non-stop with her buddy and not paying attention on things around her.
Xylon 3 ditë më parë
@Blue Oak i mean. it is what is. you should be paying attention to the things around you, and not letting your guinea pig out on the road
Blue Oak
Blue Oak 4 ditë më parë
You don't sound remorseful or human.
Dirty Roofer
Dirty Roofer 6 ditë më parë
Owners fault, dog is supposed to be leashed and under the owners control
Pat Miller
Pat Miller 6 ditë më parë
Barely even a crime
Tips 4 Tourists
Tips 4 Tourists 5 ditë më parë
A dog was killed, and a suspect fled. It's very much a crime
Pat Miller
Pat Miller 6 ditë më parë
Really a dog? After a hero cop got hit by car and killed. Really classy
Jeannine 6 ditë më parë
It sound like an honest accident. Next time they should keep the dog on a leash near all roads.
C Me
C Me 6 ditë më parë
Was the dog off the leash????
Tracy 6 ditë më parë
According to this report it was and across the road from the owner. 🤷
y25151956 6 ditë më parë
they just want the driver to do the right thing and face the firing squad
Just for now Forever
Just for now Forever 6 ditë më parë
Oh well
Kessel Bloxk
Kessel Bloxk 6 ditë më parë
Unfortunately that sketch could literally be any Long Island Karen
Louis Casas
Louis Casas 6 ditë më parë
*"bUt mY fUr BaBy hAtEs LeAsHeS"*
Oscar Fish
Oscar Fish 6 ditë më parë
She ate with the dog. Slept with the dog. Everything with the dog. Except put the dog on a leash Poor Romeo...🐶
Messrs Anderson & Co
Messrs Anderson & Co 5 ditë më parë
@C Me Clearly. He was off the leash and on the opposite side of the road from his owner.
C Me
C Me 6 ditë më parë
Is that the truth????
Bee T
Bee T 6 ditë më parë
That’s so sad
Susan Sumner
Susan Sumner 6 ditë më parë
So heartbreaking poor doggie💔💔🙏
Blue Oak
Blue Oak 6 ditë më parë
Don Keydik
Don Keydik 6 ditë më parë
Isn't that Jill Biden?
Louis Casas
Louis Casas 6 ditë më parë
Off-duty MTA worker slashed in face while riding subway
Eyewitness News ABC7NY
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